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Distributors information


+ 14 Years on the market
+ 8 Countries  🇵🇹 🇦🇴 🇧🇷 🇪🇸 🇫🇷 🇱🇺 🇬🇧 🇨🇭
+ 45 Nail Academies/Stores
+ 40 Nail Trainners
+ 10.000 Students
+ 40.000 In-Person Teaching Hours
+ 30 Awared Nail Designers
2 Nail Competition Judges
+ 400 Nail Competition Trophies
+ 430 Colors
+ 1400 Product References
A Wide Range Of Nail Products


2008 > The company LuckyTarget Lda., began as the master franchising in Portugal, of the German luxury brand Hollywood Nails International.

2011 > The company saw an emerging market and took the opportunity to also enter the world of eyelashes, creating the brand HN Lashes.

2013 > The company decided that it was time to launch its own brand of gel, in order to cover a wider market with quality products at more attractive prices, its first product was a success, the "UV Gel Diamond" .
Since then, its product line has been growing, satisfying more and more customers.

2014 > At the time HN Portugal, already owning the brands HN Portugal and Hollywood Nails, decided to become the first multi-brand in Portugal, for this it started to represent the brand "Trinity Beauty by Tom Holcomb". The concept is that each brand has its strong point and that way we could bring the best in the world to Portugal, making it available to Portuguese professionals.

2015 > Due to bureaucratic situations and associated costs, Luckytarget decided to abandon the Trinity project.
Still in 2015, HN Portugal ventured into nail competitions, starting what would be a great journey to this day. To date (01/04/2022) with more than 500 awards in person and online

2016 > Keeping the same concept that each brand has a strong point, Luckytarget decided to dedicate itself exclusively to the HN Portugal brand, looking for the strengths, not in the brands, but in the factories. Thus, HN Portugal could be a strong brand on all fronts, whether in gel, colors, acrylic or creams, having as main pillar, taking the best possible product to the professional.

HN Portugal also became an academy accredited by DGERT, training professionals with the same quality and dedication as always, the quality that has made great professionals today recognized in the world of nails over these years, now with a professional certificate recognized by the Portuguese government and internationally.

2017 > HN Portugal, already with a line of products of excellence, sought a new challenge together with the manufacturers; Manufacture high quality products that make professionals save time at the table. That's how TOP COLOR was born, a star product that offers about 10 minutes in each professional application, which in every 6 clients, the professional will gain 60 minutes of her valuable time.

2018 > HN PORTUGAL imports the concept of a large-scale Campus to Portugal with 6 days of advanced and intensive training, 2 training sessions per day and with national and international trainers. Success was guaranteed and the campus has been repeated every year until today, with the exception of the Covid-19 pandemic years.

2021 > Luckytarget, betting on the internationalization project, decided that it was time to disassociate the country "Portugal" so as not to have 2 countries in the name as was happening "HN Portugal Spain" or HN Portugal Switzerland" creating a new image of brand.

This is how HN Hit Nails is born, a tribute to all the "hits" (successes) that the brand has been having, whether in terms of quality products, quality training, quality partners and obviously it could not fail to be also due to all medals and cups in national and international championships with your competition team.



Our reason to exist is to train professionals of excellence and create products of the highest quality, with the latest techniques on the market.
Evolve in a constant and balanced way, always maintaining the demand, quality, affordable and fair price.




To be an international reference for product quality, training and service. 




Proximity to the customer, high performance, adding value, innovation, responsibility, sustainability, humility, integrity, transparency, people, ethics, honesty, respect, justice, quality and professional commitment.


How will we work / how is the business?

There are 2 types of partnership:

  1. The academy
    1. In this partnership tests must be made so we know how good you are and if you will need to learn something else to start teaching with our methods.
    2. All training organization and methods are already created and we will teach you our formula
    3. All manuals are made, although some translations may need to be done.
    4. Every year all nail teachers will need to come to the headquarters to learn something more, as we believe we never stop learning
    5. Exclusive territories will be applied
  2. The distribution
    1. In this partnership you will be responsible to take our product into your country, or part of it.
    2. Although we believe we sell in a fair price and we don't recommend different prices, shipping rates and/or local taxes can increase the costs, so we allow you to raise the product price
    3. All products are registered at CPNP - European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal
    4. Rappel prices exist
    5. Bulk prices exist
    6. Exclusive territory exists

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