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Catarina Moreira - Hit Nails - Lisbon

Catarina Moreira - Hit Nails - Lisbon

For 10 years my life was catering, working in dental practices, where I met the person who would become my guiding star in the world of nails. At a time when I was unemployed, Xana (my best friend at the time) encouraged me to take a course in gel nails. I discovered a gift I didn't realise I had! Thanks to her, I went into this field and fell in love with everything it involves.
During these almost 9 years in the profession, I have been my biggest critic. This has helped me grow. I've taken dozens of training courses with national and international trainers. These include Krisztina Kálmar, José Alcaide and Cristobal Cervera, Bárbara Ujvari, Pisut Massanong, among many others.
In 2018, I attended the first HNHitNails Campus, achieving one of the highest scores and the degree of Guru Master.

Also in 2018, I took one of my favourite courses (first with Tânia Caetano at Campus and then with the creator of the technique, Krisztina Kálmar) which became my technique of choice: Wet on Wet Realistic Flowers.
Since then, I've fallen in love with this technique and have trained hard to master it. This path led me to be called the ‘Queen of Wet on Wet in Portugal’ and opened doors for me to join the Wet on Wet Workbook of the technique's creator in July 2020.
I was invited to become an HNHitNails trainer at the end of 2018, an invitation I was happy to accept. A partnership that fills me with pride. I'm passionate about nail art (especially flowers) and anything that involves drawing.
It's been a long and sweaty journey, which I'm very proud of and I hope to continue passing on my love of nails to my students, colleagues and clients.
Visit HitNails Lisbon. We're next to the Colombo Shopping Centre.
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