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We are in 3 continents, with more than 45 nail studios/academies in 8 countries.



More than 1500 articles references only for nails.
More than 900 colors.



Since 2008 that we are working to bring you the best articles and trainings in the market


Face-to-face trainning

HN Hit Nails have more than 180.000h of face-to-face training in Portugal and abroad.

Some of our nail champions

Our HN Hit Nails competition team have more than 400 prizes in nail competitions in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Argentina

Yanna Opazo premios
Yanna Opazo
Oporto distributor
Tania Caetano premios
Tânia Caetano
Algarve distributor
Flavia Pinto premios
Flávia Pinto
Aveiro distributor

Come and join us

What you can have with HN Hit Nails?

Special Discounts

HN Hit Nails distributor have access to special prices from the partnership first day.

Marketing Material

All our distributors network have access to a cloud service to add their own nail photos in a way to be advertised by the company, as well as access to all marketing material so you can share at your own social network.

Evolutionary business

As a distributor you can open your own stores/academies, create retailers, give nail trainings and create a trainers team.
With your evolution you'll be able to open in new cities.


HN Hit Nails name is already widely recognized, but being one of us you will add your name and that of your team to the names of dozens of great professionals who already represent the brand.

On-line Shop

Each international distributor will have our online shop duplicated to his distribution area.
This include all online shop features such as promotions, training managements, group discounts, business analysis, etc.

Continuos training

At HN Hit Nails we believe that training is the secret to evolution, so every year our local distributors have access to training to help them evolve and leverage their business.


This is the most important part of our business. We believe that we can grow faster and better if we work together.
HN Hit Nails would not be what it is if there were not our distributors and nail trainers, but also, maybe our trainers and distributors would not be so recognized if the partnership with HN Hit Nails did not exist

No. But it's something very similar.
We don't consider it a franchising because there are harmonized rules on franchising with which we don't agree 100%, so we developed this business based on franchising but with very own changes according to what we believe.

This partnership will provide you with a means to earn a lot of money and have a means of supporting a comfortable life.
However, it is a meritocratic business, so it will depend mainly on your work and effort to achieve the values you want.
With good publicity work, quality service and excellent training, you can earn over €250,000 per year in product sales.
Depending on the locality and population density, you can earn even more by getting more territory for distribution.
In addition to the monetary value you can earn, you will also gain notoriety in the market, because by belonging to a successful brand that makes its distributors and trainers known, you will also be made known.
You will also gain the ability to help others, either because you provide them with an excellent product at an unbeatable price, or because you teach them a profession.

You will have territorial exclusivity based on population density and the counties/states/cities of the country.
The minimum you can cover is 100,000 inhabitants and there is no maximum.

The minimum target value is also defined by population density, so the larger the territory, the greater the sales capacity and, in turn, the target

For both there are the following prerequisites:
1 - Identify with the mission, vision and values of the company
2 - Have your own physical space
3 - Knowing how to do nails. This is the best way to get to know the product and recognize its quality, as well as knowing how to talk about it to customers
4 - Have the financial capacity to obtain stock of products for sale to customers.
5 - Have a business vision
6 - Have the ability to lead your own team

For trainers it is also necessary:
1 - Take our Silver and Gold career plan or your equivalency exam
2 - Be teached by our brand trainers program

There is the normal period of 1 year renewable every year for the same period of time

In this business model yes. However, there are resale models where you can sell multi-brand.
In the case of trainers, it is only on an exclusive basis with the brand.

At the end of this page you can fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Another option is to click on the whatsapp button and speak directly with our professionals (from Monday to Friday during working hours)

Together we are stronger

Our reason for being is to train excellent professionals and create products of the highest quality, with the latest techniques on the market.
Transform lives through a new profession.
Evolve in a constant and balanced way, always maintaining the requirement, quality, affordable and fair price.

To be an international reference in product quality, training and service.

Proximity to the customer, high performance, adding value, innovation, responsibility, sustainability, humility, integrity, transparency, people, ethics, honesty, respect, justice, quality and professional commitment.

It is extremely important that you identify with the mission, vision and values of the company.
It is important that you live and believe every word, as it is the secret of the longevity of the business.
We believe that we can make a difference in the world, whether through training that changes the lives of the professionals we teach and who, because of us, see their lives improved. Whether through carefully selected products so that professionals have the best results and have the loyalty of their customers due to the high quality results.

The best professionals are HN Hit Nails!

Come and join us

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